The fundamental focus of our program is about displacing illness by creating wellness

How do we formulate a treatment program?

 Ö Integrate the best of conventional medicine with complementary therapies

 At our center we combine the best of conventional medicine with scientifically supported        complementary therapies.   We recognize that cancer is a complex disease, and therefore it        requires a multipronged effort to provide the best chances of attaining a remission, cure or significant extension of life.  

 Zealous pursuit of one over the other (conventional vs. complementary) is likened to carrying out a task with one hand tied. 

 Ö Continuous learning, research and collaboration with the best in the field

 Exciting scientific discoveries are regularly being uncovered identifying safer, more effective treatment regiments for specific cancer types.  We review these findings and translate them into practical treatment plans tailored for every patient’s unique medical condition.  We incorporate these findings into our practice where the science is sound and the treatment is safe.  Our aim is to pursue a protocol that is broad, synergistic and specific for a given patient.  

 Our treatment approach has evolved organically through many years, because we are not only able to collaborate and study with the experts in the field, but also from our own experience in treating the patients. 

 Ö Every patient is unique

 Every patient that comes to us is different; hence we always start by getting to know you - your  environment, food, family relationships, genetic traits, attitude, recent traumatic events, age, your preference of treatment etc. — all these would be considered in determining the best course of  action. 

 Your treatment program could include conventional as well as complementary therapies, depending on the stage of cancer and the type of cancer. 

Ö Therapies based on your ability to do or tolerate treatment

 We also base our therapies on your ability to do or tolerate certain treatments, and the options available to you – all these considerations are based on your risks versus benefits.   However, one of the most important messages we give to all our patients is that, healing is a responsibility that must be borne by the patient and the desire to heal must come from within.  In order for us to help you, you will have to help yourself. 

Some principles and approaches which we may recommend are:

  •  for you to become emotionally and psychologically prepared to face the challenge – we call it ‘mind over cancer’
  •  for you to undergo treatment that targets the primary cancer cells and arrests the cancer growth (radiation, chemotherapy or surgery where appropriate)
  •  to empower you to become nutritionally and physically fit to better overcome cancer and also the treatment. These are done via addressing the following:

                       Ö Nutrition — Can you imagine any state of being be it heart disease, diabetic, depression, pregnancy, cancer etc. in which being malnourished is an advantage for recovery?

                       Ö Oxygenation and Circulation

                       Ö Supplementation,

                       Ö Chemical clean up (detoxification) 

                       Ö Lifestyle changes and

                       Ö Body Mind Spirit working in synergy


“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. They (the patients) come to us not knowing that truth. We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work.”      Dr. Albert Schweitzer, MD, 1940 Nobel Laureate & Medical missionary



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